Types of Inspections

Routine Site Inspections

The Board is responsible for conducting on site inspections of mental health facilities and the Montana Intensive Behavioral Center (Formally Montana Developmental Center)

Board members, staff, and consultants make up the inspection teams.

Inspections focus on the following aspects of provision of services:

  • consumer rights
  • safety
  • consumer and family member participation
  • service integration
  • service development
  • documentation
  • treatment and support
  • transition management

Inspection teams gather information by:

  • interviewing managers and service staff
  • interviewing consumers
  • interviewing family members
  • interviewing organizations who work with the service being reviewed
  • examining program and clinical documents
  • visiting service sites

Special Site Inspections

The Board has the prerogative to visit the Intensive Behavior Center or any mental health facility at any time. Occasionally, the Board decides to conduct a special site inspection based on a specific concern. During these inspections, the entire focus is on that concern.